Where to sleep ?

Before visiting Vera Playa, and being accustomed to the “typical” French and other Naturist centers, I found it very confusing to understand the Naturist Zone and the different rentals I found on the web.

While there are no gates or fences to enter the Naturist Zone, almost all the “communities” of apartments and homes are in gated communities. And this is true for the Naturist and non-Naturist communities in this region of Spain.

The Facebook group: Vera Playa Naturist Accommodation is a good source to find Naturist rentals.

Also below is a very small list of Naturist rentals. The rentals below are grouped by community and the map at the bottom of the page should help you locate the Naturist communities which are in green on the map.

I hope this will make things easier for first time visitors.

Please note, I do not rent Naturist properties and I do not have any advertisement on my site. This is a free service for the Naturist community.

*** Natsun El Cano 2

Mediterraneo https://www.veraplayavacations.com/
Estudio de Playa https://www.mark-and-andreas-apartments.com


*** Bahia de Vera

Casa Andrea https://www.mark-and-andreas-apartments.com
La Casa del Pescador https://parqueveraplaya.com


*** Parque Vera I

Casa Amable https://parqueveraplaya.com
Casa Eden https://parqueveraplaya.com


*** Parque Vera III

Arenamar Natura www.arenamarnatura.es


*** La Menara

Casa Grace www.naturist-apartment-vera.com


*** Torremar Natura

Apartamento Vera-Playa FKK www.veraplaya-fkk.com


*** Hotel

The Vera Playa Club Hotel which calls itself the only naturist hotel in Spain https://www.playasenator.com/en/hotels/vera-playa-club-hotel/



If anyone would like their Naturist property listed on this page please send the following information in the Comments form below: 1. Community Name, 2. Property Name (if any), 3. Web address for the property.

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