The goal of this site is to provide Naturists with enough information so they can decide if they would like to visit or live in the Vera Playa Naturist zone in the “off” seasons – Fall, Winter and Spring. Hence the title: Year Round Naturism

Of course Naturism can be practiced in the cold, rain, and winter snow, but really not many people want to. The weather during the “off” seasons is key to enjoyment of the Naturist lifestyle. It is for this reason that an honest discussion of the weather in the “off” season will be found here. The graphs in the Meteo section should help with this discussion.

Some information and links to other sources about the Vera Playa Naturist zone will also be found here as well as from time to time some news articles. But on the whole this is mostly a static site with the goal of providing the first time visitor information on visiting during the “off” seasons.