Pub Crawl

… or not to Pub Crawl … is it even a question ?

To the question, “Where can a Naturist go to kick back and enjoy a drink?”, there are more than a few answers.

In fact there are so many answers that they had to be put together on a map. And if you start to go from one to another you have started your own … Pub Crawl !

Of course in the depths of Winter you will find less places open than in Summer but you will still find some open on the warm winter days at the beach.

A few notes on the zones:

It is just a short walk from Zone 1 to Zone 2.

Zone 3 allows for a nice short walk on the beach.

The walk from Zone 3 to Zone 4 (or vice versa) is a bit long but worth it. It also gives you a chance to “walk it off” a bit as you continue your Pub Crawl.

Some places in Zone 4 may allow Naturists to drink outside but not enter their establishment. These establishments that treat Naturists as second class citizens are not (and will not be) listed here.

Zone 1

Oh La La! Café Bar

Zone 2

Punto y Aparte

Chiringuito “La Golondrina”

Chiringuito Naturista Vera Playa

Zone 3

Chiringuito Cota Zero (El Pirata)

Chiringuito NATSUN (Inna’s)

Cafeteria Paso Doble

Zone 4

1 7 – One Seven tapas bar

Seventeen Cocktails&Drinks

Casa Conchita Bar/Restaurant

Broadway de Kroeg Pub

Benito’s Naturist Bar/Restaurant