Permanent 4k Naturist Run

Please note: Obligatory legal text. The owners of this website can not take any responsibility if anyone is injured on this course. The choice of using it is yours and yours alone.

Overview and Warnings

Here is an overview of the course. As you can see from the image the route is mainly, but not entirely, the perimeter of the Naturist zone. It is possible to run a longer street route but it was difficult to mark. Also this route does not take in running along the beach which many people enjoy doing and which could give a much longer run. (Note: Clicking any of these images will display them full size in a new tab.)

The signs used to mark the route are mainly useful for first time visitors who are unsure where they can practice sports in the nude on a measured distance.

Here is an example of a yellow 4k Naturist Run sign marking the route.

The course can be started from any point but the signs have been placed for someone who is following the course counter clockwise as you travel along the above overview image. Also, while this description of the course starts at the Naturist hotel you can start the run anywhere you wish.

***Warning: as in any street sport there is a certain amount of danger. Please take care when you cross any intersection and run along the road.***

Zoom 1: As you run from the hotel up the **only** (small) hill on this entire route you approach the intersection in the red circle.

***Please be careful as you cross this intersection.***

Zoom 1

Once you have crossed the street run up the sidewalk to the last lamp post (photo below) marked in the yellow circle in the image. From here you turn around and run down the hill to the end of the sidewalk.

Zoom 2: At the end of the sidewalk turn right and continue straight ahead. At the first red circle in the image below the lamp posts continue straight ahead but on the other side of the street. Again continuing straight ahead arriving at the second red circle cross the street at the crosswalk. You can also see this intersection in Zoom 3 below.

***Please be careful as you cross these intersections.***

Zoom 2

Zoom 3: Once you have crossed the intersection, continue straight on and turn right down the path in front of the restaurant Oh La La.

Zoom 3

Zoom 4: Continue down the path following the 4k Naturist Run signs until you arrive at the intersection.

Please take care at this intersection. There are entrances for cars for two (2) naturist communities one on your left and one on your right. Also there is traffic on the road in front of you that you cross to continue the 4k Naturist Run.

Zoom 4

Once you have crossed the street continue down the path to the sea and run down the sidewalk. You continue along the path that you see on the right side of photo Zoom 3 (above).

Zoom 5: As you arrive at the zone in blue you will notice that because of the vegetation in this area there are not as many yellow 4k Naturist Run signs. This should not be a problem as this is a small area.

Zoom 5

Once you leave the zone in blue continue following the yellow 4k Naturist Run signs and you will arrive at the end/beginning of the course.