Naturist Law in Spain

What are the limits of the Vera Playa Naturist Zone? This is a question that is frequently asked.

The answer is that there is no limit.

To understand this answer, look at this article found on the Spanish Naturist Association (FEN) web site about the legal status of Naturism in Spain: (click on one of the flags on the upper right of the FEN page to see it in a translated language).

As you read you will quickly understand that there is no limit in Spain. Since the time the Vera Playa Naturist zone was declared in 1979 the laws have evolved to the point that he Naturist zone in Spain today is everywhere. Non-Naturist and Naturist are both free to go to any public area in Spain.

Most maps that you see of the Vera Playa naturist zone show the area that was defined in 1979 before the laws evolved and this is where you will find most Naturists; but the question, “What is the limit of the Vera Playa Naturist zone?” is no longer a valid question.

It should be noted that a few towns ban Naturists on their beaches and their “law” is illegal and being fought by the FEN.

As many Naturists and non-Naturists are not aware of the current state of the law I have printed the complete Spanish text of the FEN’s description of the law. I think it is an excellent tool to educate everyone about Naturist’s rights in Spain. Personally I have confidence in the FEN’s interpretation and as you can see from the photos, you could always have a copy with you to present to anyone in authority who is not acquainted with the law. Speaking only for myself if this extreme case, which I do NOT anticipate, should occur; I would insist on being arrested rather than abandoning my legal rights.

Anyone can print the FEN’s description of the law directly from their site or from the pdf I included with this post. You have to print on both sides of the paper and you get 2 copies per page. Each copy can be folded in half along its long side and then folded into an accordion as seen in the photos. I suggest that the text in the pdf be verified with the current text on the FEN’s site just in case there is a change.

Jerome Jolibois made the following posters in English, French and Spanish to educate Naturists about the law here in Vera Playa. Please feel free to copy and distribute them to your friends and Naturist associations in your country. Thank you Jerome.

You can down load the images in their original pdf format here: