Free Logos – Vera Playa Anniversary 1979

Welcome to the free Vera Playa Logo collection.

You may copy these logos, resize them, print them on paper, decals, shirts, hats, cups, … and sell them or give them away.

The reason for the logos is that hopefully if Vera Playa Naturists use them non-Naturists in the region will be able to understand the economic impact of Vera Playa Naturists and see that Naturists are people just like them.

That is the theory. Maybe it is wrong or unnecessary. Maybe the logos are not pleasing. I don’t know. This is an experiment. Use the logos as you wish.

Additionally, if you prefer to have any of these images printed professionally I would suggest contacting CP Signs at

CP Signs who have their headquarters in Benidorm are well known in the Vera Playa Naturist zone for the work they have done for the local bars and restaurants. They have also been very generous in their time and donations to various activities in the Naturist zone. They can print just about anything and any size. T-shirts, billboards, metal plates, flags and banners, stickers…

Please note, any other printing companies who contribute to supporting Naturism in Vera Playa are invited to contact this web site for the free inclusion of their name on this page.

To copy the logo click right on the logo and select Copy Image.

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For your information:

The standing man and women images were copied from the Pioneer plaque that was sent into space in 1972 and 1973 aboard the Pioneer 10 and Pioneer 11 spacecraft.

While the images do have their defaults, only Caucasian looking models were used, although, “Other people had different interpretations of the race of people depicted by the figures. Whites, blacks and Asians each tended to think that the figures resembled their own racial group, so, although some people were proud that their race appeared to have been selected to represent all of humankind, others viewed the figures as “terribly racist” for “the apparently blatant exclusion” of other races.”

Be that as it may, if the plaque is found by another civilization it is Naturists who are our ambassadors to the universe.