General Information

It doesn’t rain much here but when it does it can sometimes become very dangerous with flash floods. While rare, if you hear warnings of rain take them seriously and inform yourself, especially if you come from a region without flash floods.

Here are some weather widgets that may or not be visible in your browser depending on your configuration.

Real time data:

This weather station is just on the beach:

And this weather station is about 2km inland:

The biggest differences between the weather stations is that the inland station has been on-line longer than the beach station and has a longer history available. Also, and more importantly, the inland station has solar and UV measurements. So you can tell, for example in the winter, that even if the temperature and wind measurements on the beach station seem to be good if there is not much sunshine then it most likely is not an enjoyable day. Note: You may have to click the settings “gear” in the top upper right hand of the page to change it from degrees F to degrees C.

Real time radar:

Here is a site very useful to be warned of any rain arriving Use the option “Manual location” and copy this text into the location box: Vera Playa, Spain

Here are direct links to some other weather sites:

For anyone who likes to swim at the beach, divers, kayak etc. This web site shows wave size, wind etc forecasts. The traditional Naturist beach is between these 2 links which usually have the same forecast.