A Short Introduction to Vera Playa

This short introduction, made with the author’s permission, is a shortened version of an original article by Maureen Berry. Click here to go to Maureen’s original article.

The Vera Playa Naturist zone is unique.

  • Unique in that in addition to it’s 2.75 km of designated naturist beach, there is a ‘Zona Naturista’, where the urbanisations and streets are also Naturist.
  • Unique in that there are some 2000 Naturist apartments and houses in total with an occupation rate of nearly 100% in the high season.
  • Unique in that it has the only Naturist hotel (4* no less) in Spain.
  • Unique in that on July 21, 2013 the Guinness World Record for Skinny Dip was established at Vera Playa with 729 Naturists in the water at the same time. There is also an annual Naturist footrace. The race in 2019 is a 2.5km and 7km race held on Saturday the 10th of August.

2019 year marks the 40th anniversary of the Vera Playa Naturist zone. The original authorization of the Naturist Zone dates from 1979 and was confirmed by an Ombudsman’s report of May 2003.

Since then Vera Playa has become famous throughout Spain, Europe and in fact the world, as one of the great naturist destinations. In the summer, as well as visitors of every European nationality, we have had Americans, Canadians, Australians, New Zealanders …

As the summer visitors leave, the “snow-birds” arrive. These are people who winter in Vera Playa. Our urbanisation currently has British, Spanish, Italian, French, Dutch, Belgian, German, Swiss, Swedish, Austrian and Norwegians in residence. It is the goal of this site to attract more “snow-birds”.

In the off season, if you look around at the non-Naturist urbanisations next to the Vera Playa Naturist zone they resemble a ghost town with literally thousands of empty homes and apartments that are mostly deserted for 10 months of the year.

On the other hand, the Vera Playa Naturist zone naturist urbanisations probably average 30 – 50% occupancy for the 10 months outside of the high season. This community of Naturists support the local bars, restaurants, buy furniture, employ tradesmen, etc. And it is this community of Naturists that, for example, usually has an outdoor Christmas barbecue and various table top sales with the proceeds going to charity. Or, of course, organizes a Naturist “traditional” New Year’s Day skinny dip. For info on 1/1/2018 the maximum temperature of the air was 26 and the sea was at 15 degrees.

Also the local Naturist community supports many fundraising events which help local charities including the Vera and District Lions Club which has provided the naturist zone with it’s own defibrillator.

Our newly elected mayor, aware that the Naturist “season” extends way beyond July and August has expressed an interest in attracting International Naturist conventions to Vera Playa. Some full time Naturist residents have already taken the first steps to request a meeting to explore this possibility with him.

Since the Vera Playa Naturist zone is open, no card or membership required to come and visit, don’t be shy to see if it might suit you.