Welcome British Naturism

This offer is out-of-date. The text is being left for historical accuracy.

I learned late Saturday night (Sep. 28, 2019) that a group from British Naturism would be visiting this week and as the stated purpose of this site is to attract Naturists to Vera Playa during the “off” season I created this page to welcome you.

In collaboration with Puntonat I have left a supply of Vera Playa stickers free for the asking for you or anyone with your BN or INF card.

Also Puntonat is offering free only this Tuesday one (1) small free beer ( “caña” in Spanish) . It is free for the asking with your BN or INF card.

“Ah, now this is getting interesting”, you say. Where is Puntonat and when is it open? It opens around 11:30 or 11:45 in the morning and closes around 2 or 3 in the morning.

As you can see from the map below, Puntonat (in the orange circle) is more or less in the geographical center of the Naturist Zone.

And just so you “know it when you see it”, here is a photo of Puntonat.

As you can see this site is still in construction so please keep that in mind as you explore it. The most interesting parts so far are the maps that show where the Naturist Zone is. And also the circular graphs that show you the weather high/low temperatures for 2018 and 2017.

Finally, to the BN members I have already met, I hope to meet you again and to those of you I haven’t, I hope to meet you soon.